Corporate volunteering is important for OMK. Owing to volunteering initiatives, we bring business skills to non-profit organizations and the population. Volunteering facilitates the creation and promotion of long-term partnership mechanisms with non-profit organizations and municipal entities, the improvement of the quality of life of the local communities, and the solving of social issues in the regions where the company maintains a presence. 


Corporate volunteering is a great opportunity for self-expression, getting public acclaim, and learning new useful skills. Participating in volunteering, we communicate with our colleagues, strengthen team spirit, welcome newcomers, and express our civil views.

In 2014, OMK drafted and approved a program for developing corporate volunteering which aims at supporting socially vulnerable groups of population, promoting best volunteer practices, increasing the number of volunteers and involving partners, clients, and citizens in implementing charity projects.

OMK has held volunteer events at all OMK factories throughout the year to plant new forests, landscape territories, help the elderly, veterans, and the socially vulnerable layers of citizens; it has also held quarterly donor events.