OMK products are used in the fuel and energy sector, in nuclear and thermal power plants,as well as in construction, mechanical engineering, automotive, rail wagon construction, and rail transport.
OMK products are used in the fuel energy sector, transport, construction, railcar building and other industries
Pipeline nodes and parts, cold and hot bent extensions, bends, T-bends
Pipeline fittings
Wedge gate valves, rotary check valves, and other equipment
Pipeline valves
For freight, passenger, and high-speed trains
Rail wheels
For domestic and imported vehicles
Automotive springs
Federal network of repair and service depots
Train car service
Hot-rolled sheet and thick sheet steel
Rolled steel products
Building frames, power transmission line supports, antenna-mast structures, unique structures constructed from round - and square - section pipes, non-standard equipment
Metal structures
Thermal cases, gas stripping units and other equipment
Modular equipment
A range of compensating devices made from high-alloy steel grades
Bellows expansion joints
A wide range of boiler equipment and spare parts
A ferroalloy for alloying steel, alloys, and cast iron
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  • Sales by the OMK TEK business unit to oil and gas companies and international projects
  • Sales by the OMK TEK business unit to oil and gas companies
  • Sales by OMK Steel Spectrum business unit to metal traders
  • Promotion and project sales by OMK Steel Spectrum business unit
  • OMK Market
  • Rail wheels sales
  • Pipeline fittings sales
  • Pipeline fittings sales
  • Automotive springs sales