Oil and gas pipes*

OMK produces a wide range of oil and gas pipes. Thanks to the full ‘steel-roll-pipe’ manufacturing cycle at a single production site, we guarantee prompt delivery and the highest product quality.

Pipes can be delivered with the outer and inner flash removed. Deliveries are carried out both by rail and, in small batches, by road.

*General purpose small - and medium - diameter pipes
up to 32 MPa maximum pressure
76 – 530 mm pipe diameter
4 – 12.7 mm pipe thickness
K34-K60 (x70) strength class
1 million tonnes maximum power
*Check the exact dimensions in our catalogue **Design capacities may vary depending on the product range and other factors
Gas pipelines for the northern climatic zone with operating temperatures down to -60 °C
с температурой эксплуатации до -60 °С
Pipelines for transportation of oil and gas products
with a high hydrogen sulphide content
Construction of main oil and gas transport pipelines
Subsea pipelines and field pipelines
with increased resistance to corrosion and low temperatures
Pipe production
All pipes are supplied with local weld heat treatment and/or bulk heat treatment. We produce pipes both with external and internal coatings.
Arc-welded pipes undergo multi-stage non-destructive testing, along with mechanical tests of the base metal, welded pipe joints and 100% hydraulic pressure control.
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