OMK at a glance

Mix of professionalism and technologies for development

Complex solutions for energy and transportation

We care about people

Six plants and a network of train car repair depots OMK is the leader of the Russian pipes, railway wheels and springs markets Every year tens of social and charity projects are being held with OMK support
Company Business Values
We strive to become the world's most effective metallurgical company. OMK develops promising business branches to offer complex solutions for the value creation chain in the oil and gas industry.
Anatoly Sedykh
Chairman of the Board of Directors
OMK's contribution to the country development
We produce metal products that help to transport energy, freights, and people in a safe and effective manner. OMK's strategic partners are Russia's leading oil and gas, transportation, and machine-building companies. Our city-forming plants are the centers of development in the regions where we operate.