Casing pipes

400,000 tonnes annual capacity
114 – 530 mm pipe diameter
12.7 mm pipe thickness
*Check the exact dimensions in our catalogue **Design capacities may vary depending on the product range and other factors
Pipe production

Arc-welded casing pipes are used for the construction of oil, gas condensate and gas wells in normal or complicated geological conditions involving intense compression loads onto the body of the pipe.

OMK produces welded and seamless casing pipes in standard design and with premium threaded connections.

Unique features
Each pipe undergoes 100% automated ultrasonic inspection of the weld and pipe body and hydraulic testing.
The weld seam is subjected to local heat treatment.
Pipes in the high strength groups undergo volume heat treatment.
At the customer’s request, we can protect the outer surface of the casing pipes with a preservative coating.
OMK is currently developing the OCTG line with its own premium threaded connections. The company operates one of the most modern oil and gas pipe finishing centres in Russia with premium and semi-premium threaded connections.
OMK has its own brand of premium threaded connections for casing pipes used in the construction of oil and gas wells. The OMK brand includes a star line of five innovative threaded connections under the brands OMK REGUL, OMK ALPHA, OMK POLAR, OMK VEGA and OMK SIRIUS.
Gas well construction
Oil and gas production
Oil well construction
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