The company's social programmes are aimed at developing local communities and creating sustainable crossover relationships, engaging employees and citizens in resolving issues in the regions where OMK operates.

Projects are coordinated by an internal OMK team with the involvement of regional resource centres and representatives of local government.

Environmental protection
We take care of the natural environment in the regions where we operate
We do not tolerate bribery, collusion, or corruption
Respect for human rights
We protect human rights, and we are against discrimination
Control systems
We develop management systems in accordance with best practice
Stakeholder engagement
We involve stakeholders in decision making
Responsible supply chains
We comply with laws in the field of labour protection, industrial and fire safety, and environmental protection
Respect for consumer rights
We respect the rights of consumers to purchase and use products which do not harm their health or environment
Development of the regions where we operate
We contribute to providing a high quality of life and socio-economic development in the regions where the company operates
We do not use the labour of persons who have not reached the legal age for the hiring of workers
OMK-Partnerstvo (Partnership)

In 2015, we created OMK-Partnerstvo, a competition for charitable and social projects.

We invite employees of OMK enterprises, non-profit organisations, and state and municipal institutions from the regions where the company operates to participate in the competition.

Start Your Own Business
OMK has been developing social entrepreneurship since 2016. The Start Your Own Business programme was first implemented in Chusovoy, then in Blagoveshchensk in 2017, and in Vyksa in 2018.
*as at August 2021
The OMK-Uchastie Foundation

The OMK-Uchastie Foundation for Family Support, Protection of Childhood, Motherhood and Paternity was founded in 2008 on the initiative of OMK managers and employees.

Over the years of its work, it has grown from an organisation providing targeted assistance into a foundation that solves large-scale social problems. Today, OMK-Uchastie is in the top 30 in the RAEX rating of corporate and private charitable NGOs in Russia in terms of partner potential.

Corporate values
Entrepreneurial spirit
We are constantly looking for new opportunities for the development of the company, and we turn new ideas into profitable working business models.
A systematic approach
We evaluate and take into account the factors influencing the results and the possible consequences of our decisions
Clear goal setting
We set clear, understandable, measurable goals and objectives. Every employee has the right to clarify them for themselves.
Customer focus
We know who will use the results of our work, and we understand the requirements placed upon us.
I respect my colleagues and their opinions, I express my position amiably and reasonably. My respectful treatment of people does not depend on how my relationship with them has developed.
Labour traditions
We respect labour traditions and the achievements of previousr generations. We, too, are creating and history.
Striving for continuous improvement
We are constantly working to improve processes and the working environment.
I express my gratitude for a job well done and I have the right to expect the same approach towards myself.
The company's rules are the same for everyone. Double standards and all kinds of discrimination are unacceptable.
I trust my colleagues and value their trust in me.
I follow ethical standards of behaviour. I don’t plot, manipulate, blackmail, bring up feelings of guilt, and I don’t shift responsibility on to my colleagues, my management, or external circumstances.
Personal development
I am constantly developing as a person, expanding my horizons, and contributing to the development of my colleagues.
Initiative, leadership
I take the initiative, I get involved in the implementation of new ideas, I do not circumvent problems.
I sincerely express my opinion, speak openly and responsibly about problems.
I evaluate the consequences of my decisions and actions and bear responsibility for them.
I follow safety standards and do not tolerate their violation.
We work for a shared team result, and we harmonise team goals with individual goals. We succeed and fail together.
I am demanding of myself and my colleagues in achieving results.
We complete the work we have started and achieve our goals.
Information about my work and its results is available to my colleagues.
I have the necessary and sufficient level of knowledge and skills to work effectively. I am constantly developing, studying best practice to meet constantly updated requirements.
Vision for the future
We predict what the world will be like in the future and understand our place in it. Based on this vision, we define strategic goals.
We use control tools to ensure the reliability of our processes, and the fulfilment of our goals and commitments.

Vyksa Festival
The first cultural project to change the life of the whole city. The festival has been held every summer since 2011, bringing together contemporary art, theater, public art, music, and sport.
Industrial street art park

The OMK plant in Vyksa has a unique industrial street art park.

Here, in the open air, famous contemporary artists paint the workshops inside which we smelt steel, and produce pipes and world-class rail wheels. Places for new art works are chosen by the factory workers themselves.

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