Digital procurement

OMK pursues a policy of continuous growth and development and is always open to new partnerships.

OMK’s plants are major consumers of the material and technical resources needed to support our current activities and future investments.

One of our main strategies is the formation of sustainable partnerships with suppliers for continuous production and the development of new technologies. In order to comply with the principles of openness and fair competition, OMK operates the SAP SRM electronic procurement system.
Requirements for suppliers
In order to form reliable, mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships, OMK has set out the basic requirements for potential partners.
Supplier Status
Manufacturer, distributor, dealer, intermediary, engineering company.
Experience in the relevant market and a history of interaction with OMK will be an advantage.
Quality standards
Products must meet the agreed quality standards and pass certification (ISO 9001, ATF 16949, IRIS, etc.).
The manufacturer must have the requisite technical capabilities in for the selected item group or category.
Financial and economic stability
Partners must provide documentation to prove their financial and economic stability.
Legal options
The absence of legal restrictions on the conduct of activities in relation to the company and its management.
Health and Safety
Partners must provide valid certificates and statistics on occupational injuries.
Social responsibility
Partners must adhere to an environmental safety policy and promote the development of social responsibility.
How to start working with OMK
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