OMK Steel Way

provides rail wagon repair services


An extensive network of rail wagon repair depots
throughout the Russian Federation
Oriented to the real
needs of our customers
A comprehensive approach,
a flexible pricing policy, and optimal terms of repair
Compliance with all requirements
to ensure transport safety
Many years of experience, professional staff
Expedited document flow using electronic digital signatures
A wide range of spare parts available
170,000 rail estimated annual capacity
37 rail wagon repair depots
26 Russian regions
OMK Steel Way is one of the largest federal network service companies for the repair of freight wagons, developing a railway car service for its clients.

The production facilities enable the servicing and repair of over 170,000 railcars and 160,000 wheel sets per year.

The company employs professionals in rail transport, whose systematic and serious attitude enables us to solve all manner of complex problems that our customers may have.

OMK Steel Way strives to be one-step ahead of our client's expectations. We are constantly improving our repair base in line with the rapidly developing rail wagon construction market, and the requirements for new rail wagons. It is important to us to build long-term relationships with our customers and partners.

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OMK SRM Procurement System
OMK has implemented an SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) system, ensuring open and fair procurement procedures.
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8 (800) 200-8000 Toll free number for calls within Russia
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