supplies pipe products to companies in the fuel and energy sector, oil companies, and international projects in this area
Straight-seam, single-seam arc-welded large diameter pipes with internal or external smooth or anti-corrosion coatings.
28,45 MPa maximum pressure
508 – 1 422 mm pipe diameter
8,0 – 48 mm pipe thickness
К65(x80) strength class

Thanks to the full ‘steel-roll-pipe’ manufacturing cycle at a single production site, we guarantee site, we guarantee and the highest product quality.

up to 32 MPa maximum pressure
76 – 530 mm pipe diameter
4 – 12.7 mm pipe thickness
K34-K60 (x70) strength class
OMK connects these pipes using triangular threaded couplings (NU, HKTH) of its own production.
500,000 tonnes annual capacity
60 – 114 mm pipe diameter
up to 10 mm pipe thickness
For oil and gas field construction and well construction.
400,000 tonnes annual capacity
114 – 530 mm pipe diameter
12.7 mm pipe thickness
For the production of large diameter pipes, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and construction.
1.3 million tonnes annual capacity
8 – 150 mm thickness
900 – 4650 mm width
OMK SRM Procurement System
OMK has implemented an SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) system, ensuring open and fair procurement procedures.
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