OMK Automotive

supplies springs and other components for cars and trucks made by Russian and foreign brands

for air suspension for Russian- and foreign-made light commercial vehicles, buses, trailers, and pickups.
90,000 tonnes annual capacity
4 000 components
>300 egional sales centres
Suspension mounts, disc brake pads, jet and V-rods.
OMK Automotive manufactures automotive springs for foreign Russian- and foreign-made trucks, buses, and trailers in Russia and the CIS.

The Chusovoy Steel Works (Perm region) is the production centre of the OMK Automotive business unit.

OMK consists of six metallurgical and machine-building enterprises, as well as the OMK Steel Way network of rail wagon repair companies.
The plant produces springs for domestic and foreign equipment under the Chusovskaya Spring and Springer brands.
13 Trudovaya St., Chusovoy, 618200, Perm Region
Press releases
OMK SRM Procurement System
OMK has implemented an SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) system, ensuring open and fair procurement procedures.
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Please contact us if you are interested in working with OMK or would like more information.
8 (800) 200-8000 Toll free number for calls within Russia
+7 (495) 231-7771 For Russia and the rest of the world
sales@omk.ru Sales

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