OMK and Lisega Jointly to Deliver Product for Chinese Nuclear Power Plants

Photo (left to right): Energomash Director for Production System Development Alexander Dmitriev, Managing Director of OMK's Belgorod Facility Alexander Vashchenko, Lisega Executive Vice-President for Sales and Service Dr. Michael Weinrauch, Lisega's Russian Sales Director Nikolay Petrov.

The United Metallurgical Company's Belgorod facility (Belenergomash-BZEM) and Lisega (Germany) will jointly be supplying Chinese nuclear power plants with pipeline suspension systems. the 7th and 8th power units of the Tianwan power plant and Units 3 and 4 of the Xudapu power plant.

The Belgorod facility has been manufacturing the German company's product under license since 2017 when the facility commissioned its equipment to make Lisega support and suspension systems.

In the course of the German partner's visit to Belgorod, the parties discussed the principal engineering requirements levied on the product that meet Rosatom standards applicable to nuclear power plant construction in China. Pipeline suspension and support systems for the Chinese nuclear power plants will be manufactured in Germany and at OMK's Belgorod facility. Deliveries will take place between 2022 and 2025.

"Lisega is a long-time trusted partner of ours that we have been collaborating with for many years to deliver product to projects in the nuclear and the thermal energy sectors. OMK's Belgorod plant is the only one in Russia to have created a facility to manufacture Lisega support and suspension systems under license. We have several ongoing joint projects and we are looking at potential additional deliveries to both Russian and foreign nuclear power plants," noted Managing Director of OMK's Belgorod facility Alexander Vashchenko.

Belenergomash-BZEM is a leader in industrial machinery for the power generation industry and has 80 years of experience in the field. It has been part of OMK since 2020. It manufactures a wide range of items for the energy industry and construction.

Lisega (Zeven, Germany) is a recognized leader in the global pipe support market for the energy, the petrochemical, and the heavy industries. Lisega has been active in the European and the global markets since 1864 and has been working together with Russian companies since 1980. Russian design institutions have been using Lisega solutions since 2010.

OMK's Belgorod facility and Lisega have been partners since 2011. At the time, the two companies contracted to supply the Tianwan nuclear power plant (China): Belenrgomash supplied pipe while the German partner delivered pipeline support and suspension systems. When the manufacturing facility for licensed Lisega support and suspension systems was commissioned in 2017, it enabled the Belgorod plant to become a major player both for projects in the nuclear and thermal industry and the oil and gas sector. Currently the joint German-Russian facility continues product deliveries to the Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant (town of Ostrovets), the Rooppur nuclear power plant in the Republic of Bangladesh, and a number of other installations.

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