OMK Among First Russian Companies to Confirm Compliance of Construction Pipe Manufacturing Process with Requirements of National Welding Inspection Agency

The United Metallurgical Company’s (AO OMK, Moscow) Vyksa facility in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region has been certified by the National Welding Inspection Agency (NAKS). The facility was able to confirm that its manufacturing process for electrically resistance-welded construction pipe of diameters between 60 and 530 mm was compliant with the requirements of GOST R 58064-2018. This standard regulates the manufacture of steel welded pipe for civil and industrial construction applications and the temperature range of -60°C and +100°C.

During the audit, witnessed by an expert with the Upper Volga Central Certification Center, the facility’s specialists made trial welds of all the size ranges and tested specimens. The quality of the welds was verified by visual and ultrasonic inspection as well as measurement. They successfully tested for tensile strength, impact bending, crush resistance, and hardness to determine strength and plasticity properties. The quality evaluation criteria were as per GOST R 58064-2018.

This means that OMK’s Vyksa facility is certified to manufacture the following pipes for construction applications per the above standard: diameters between 60 and 178 mm, wall gage between 3 and 12.7 mm; diameters between 114 and 245 mm, wall gage between 4 and 11.1 mm; and diameters between 203 and 530 mm, wall gage between 4.5 and 12.7 mm. The certification just granted will have to be re-confirmed every three years.

“Successful NAKS certification gives the Company another edge in the construction pipe market as well as an opportunity to deliver certified product to construction majors for the erection of complex installations, including industrial buildings and bridges. Construction materials for such installations are subject to enhanced reliability and quality requirements. The permitting process is an additional guarantee we can offer our customers with respect to the quality of our product and another piece of evidence that in our manufacturing process, we have been able to achieve the highest standard”, noted OMK Steel Spectrum Business Unit CEO Roman Rybalov.


The National Welding Inspection Agency association has been granted the authority of the Welding Professional Qualification Council. This is the central Rostekhnadzor agency for welding process certification. NAKS is an association of compliance evaluators in the area of welding processes. NAKS also serves as the office of the Rostekhnadzor TK 64 Technical Committee for Welding and Related Processes that develops national welding standards and harmonizes such standards with their international counterparts.

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