Ten of OMK Steel Track's Car Repair Depots Certified and Authorized to Repair UWC's Freight Cars

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  • We have been awarding the Ivan and Andrey Batashev Foundation Prize since 2004.
  • In 2020, 246 OMK employees were named Batashev finalists.

Ten of the depots belonging to OMK Steel Track (previously VRK-3) have become certified to repair freight cars with the innovative 18-9855 and 18-9810 trucks put out by the Tikhvin facilities of the UWC railway holding company.

This service was previously unavailable to Transvagonmash customers (part of OMK's railway car maintenance and repair company since 2020) at the Magdagachi and Cheremkhovo depots or at the Svobodny Car Maintenance and Repair Facility all located on the Trans-Baikal and the East Siberian Railways. At this time, OMK's total capacity is over 13,000 such state-of-the-art trucks a year.

Previously, the Company had equipped these new work areas with new machine tools and instrumentation spending over RUB 50 million for the purpose. Depot employees underwent training in maintenance technology at the Titran-Express Tikhvin Assembly Plant, which is UWC's flagship maintenance facility. As a result of this advance work and training, 10 of OMK Steel Track’s depots were certified for the daily and scheduled maintenance of railway cars running on 18-9855 and 18-9810 trucks.

Subsequently, all the certified facilities were issued certificates evidencing that their truck areas were qualified following appropriate audits by the Federal Railway System Certification Register.

“The share of these trucks of Models 18-9810 and 18-9855 on the Russian railway network is constantly increasing. Currently, some 10% of the freight cars run on these. This requires that personnel be trained and that service centers be set up to maintain these cars. We opened maintenance areas out of a desire to meet the customers’ needs as much as possible as well as the routing of these state-of-the art cars around the railway network. In addition, we are continuing to open in-house certification service centers to restore tapered roller bearing units that the Tikhvin trucks run on. We are working to provide quality service and reduce railway car idle times”, noted OMK Steel Track Managing Director Dmitri Romanov.


Maintenance is now available from 10 of OMK Steel Track’s depots for these railway cars that run on the state-of-the-art 18-9810 and 18-9855 trucks: Sassovo (Moscow Railway), Kurgan (South Urals Railway), Goroblagodatskaya and Yegorshino (Sverdlovsk Railway), Bolotnaya and Barabinsk (West Siberian Railway), Uzhur (Krasnoyarsk Railway), Salsk (North Caucasus Railway), Belogorsk, Vikhorevka (East Siberian Railway), and three depots Belonging to the Transvagonmash Facility: Magdagachi, Svobodny Car Repair Plant (Trans-Baikal Railway) and Cheremkhovo (East Siberian Railway).

The new 18-9810 and 18-9855 trucks are designed for freight cars with an axle load 23.5 and 25 ton.forces to run on and are able to provide enhanced lifting capacity. Their design is different from that of the standard 18-100 trucks. They also have a number of process features, including some that enable their condition to be evaluated in a more comprehensive manner and to eliminate human error.

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