OMK Awarded Two Golds and One Silver for Innovative Product at Metal Expo International Industrial Show

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) presented its innovative new offering at Metal Expo 2020, the 26th International Industrial Show held in Moscow between November 10 and 13. OMK's unique hi-tech product was recognized with the show's two gold and one silver medals.

The first Metal Expo gold medal was awarded to engineers from OMK's Vyksa facility (AO VSW, Nizhniy Novgorod Region) together with OOO GazpromVNIIGaz for developing and designing a manufacturing process for low-temperature 426-mm electrically resistance welded casing of Grade Ds and the associated couplings. VSW developed a process to form and high-frequency weld the pipe, found the best heat treatment conditions which guarantee a high-quality weld and mechanical properties with a wide margin. Previously, only manufacturers of seamless casing were allowed to participate in tenders for low-temperature large-OD casing.

The second gold medal was awarded for a series of studies, designs, and measures undertaken by VSW in collaboration with I. P. Bardin TsNIIchermet enabling the facility significantly to increase its production capacity and make a record 950,000 train wheels in 2019. Therefore, despite the high demand, OMK was able to supply its domestic customers with sufficient numbers of wheels while always maintaining the high quality of its product.

In addition, OMK’s Vyksa facility is the only facility in Russia to develop and quickly acquire the capability to manufacture such import substitution products as sheet metal of Grade K60 and pipe made from this metal of diameter 720 mm and wall gage of 14.5 mm meeting unique requirements: VSW was able to assure excellent pipe performance properties at a very low pipe wall temperature (down to -51°С). This VSW development helped make the manufacture of the unique pipe for in-field and site pipelines fully domestic in Russia all the way back to rolled goods. This VSW accomplishment was recognized with a Silver Medal from Metal Expo.

“OMK strives to respond to market needs quickly by offering unique technology solutions. To do this, we have an in-house engineering and technology center, all the requisite equipment and qualified personnel, instrumentation, and a quality management system that enable us to manufacture innovative product for oil and gas transport installations. We thank our customers for giving us new and interesting jobs to do as well as experts with the Metal Expo Fair for giving us high grades for our efforts in this area”, noted OMK sales organization manager Vadim Sakharniuk.

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