OMK and Transporeon Announce Collaborative Project to Automate Trucking

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) has launched a project to automate trucking to reduce shipping lead times for customers and optimize transportation costs. For this project, OMK has partnered with Transporeon, a European leader in developing logistics management solutions.

Trucking accounts for over 10% of OMK facilities' cargo traffic with some 30,000 runs a year. To improve efficiency for the project with Transporion, OMK has already started selecting transportation providers that meet all the Company requirements and has started using the Ticontact transportation Internet portal that has a base of over 35,000 carriers.

In addition, OMK has commenced activities to automate the handling of transportation requests, the electronic schedule, the tracking and monitoring of carrier performance using the Transporion platform. The next step is to integrate the solution with the in-house systems, including ERP. The project will be in its implementation phase through the end of 2020.

"We have our minds set on long-term collaboration with OMK based on a continuous review of outcomes and being able to offer to the customer new ways to improve customer efficiency and competitive advantage", commented Transporeon Regional Director for Russia and Eastern Europe Daniil Klochnikov.

"Our primary objective today is to improve sales and customer service performance, and logistics is key. We need a single transparent process for handling trucking companies such that information regarding our shipments is available continuously and in real time to inform management decisions. We are hoping to expand our carrier base significantly, make carriers compete for orders, optimize costs by levying clear requirements on the trucking companies, among other things, and to reduce the time it takes to ship our product to customers", noted OMK Logistics Director Sergey Tolstoukhov.


Transporeon develops logistics management solutions which improve process efficiency and optimize transportation costs. Over 1,200 manufacturers and traders use Transporion platforms daily to communicate with over 100,000 carriers in some 100+ countries around the globe.  Transporion solutions can be customized to company requirements and business processes helping shippers optimize tender proceedings, improve transportation reliability, transparency, and trust between partners in the transportation process.

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