ChMW Makes Contract to Procure New Equipment for Rolling Mill Revamp

The Chusovoy Metallurgical Works (ChMW, Perm Territory, an OMK subsidiary) has made a contract with Russula (Spain) to purchase equipment for a water treatment plant that is part of the long rolling mill upgrade.

The closed-loop system will assure the required degree of treatment for the water that is required to cool the furnace, hydraulic, and other state-of-the-art equipment of the new rolling mill to be installed at ChMW. The amount to be invested into the water treatment equipment is 260,000,000 rubles. Deliveries are scheduled to start in Q4 of 2020.

The overall capacity of the water treatment system will be 1,500 cubic meters per hour. A special process will help clean waste water and recycle it back into the cooling system, thus avoiding negative environmental impacts.

"Process design to clean and cool recirculating water in the new long rolling mill extends the service life of the rolling equipment and is fully compliant with environmental regulations. This will make the new rolling mill more reliable and help provision the ChMW spring lines with rolled metal of the highest quality", commented AO ChMW Mill Upgrade Project Manager Dmitri Shuliatyev.