ChMW Creates a “Digital” Spring Warehouse

The Chusovoy Metallurgical Works (AO ChMW, a United Metallurgical Company (Moscow) subsidiary)
spring warehouse has commenced operations in a new format after an upgrade: all the spring location
information has been converted to electronic form whereas warehouse operations are based on
efficient logistics.

The ChMW warehouse has over 1,000,000 units of storage with each item in the nomenclature assigned
its own “electronic” address. As part of the upgrade, a 1C software-based bin storage system was
introduced here. The system helped optimize product storage and selection and reduce shipping lead
times to customers.

In particular, to reduce the time trucks coming to pick up product spend waiting, product will be
released through 4 terminals. Also, thanks to the 3- to 4-level racks being replaced with 6- to 7-level
ones, the storage capacity has increased 40%. Electrical loaders are being used to move springs which
expedites operations.

Working conditions and safety at the warehouse have also improved: road markings have been applied,
vehicle entries and exits have been marked as well as safe pedestrian passages for employees.

“Our principle is that product must be shipped on time. Thanks to the completed product warehouse
upgrade, putting lots together for delivery to customers has become faster and more efficient”,
commented Chusovoy Metallurgical Works Managing Director Vladimir Kirzner speaking about the