OMK Makes It to Top Ten Corporate Charity Donors in Russia

Photo: Director of Presidential Grant Foundation Ilya Chukalin and OMK Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Function Olga Mironova

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) won two categories in the Corporate Charity Leadership competition. It is held annually by the Donor Forum, an association of Russia's largest charities and donors, the PwC auditing services network, and the Vedomosti daily. 

OMK also made it into Russia's top ten companies with the best charitable practices in 2017.

OMK was named third in the Best Grant Competition category for sponsoring the OMK Partnership competition for social and charity projects. The nomination was first instituted by Russia's Presidential Grant Foundation. The panel gave OMK high grades for its contribution to developing the regions where it operates its facilities and noted the high appreciation of the project's social and economic impact. The award was presented to OMK Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Function Olga Mironova by Director of Presidential Grant Foundation Ilya Chukalin. "The fact that the business community is holding competitions for grants and developing this approach is very important for this country. Frequently, as far as regional authorities are concerned, these practices represent the standard and demonstrate the way things should be done", emphasized Ilya Chukalin.

Also, for the second year in row, OMK is being awarded the diploma for winning the category for the public transparency of charity. Highly effective message delivery in reporting the company's charitable activities and corporate social responsibility was recognized with a diploma for third place. The category was co-sponsored by the Agency for Social Communications. While presenting the award, Agency for Social Communications Director Elena Topoleva-Soldunova noted the hefty portfolio of media publications on Company charity and social projects as well as OMK employee participation as speakers and moderators at public events having to do with corporate social responsibility.

"The OMK Partnership competition for grants is a key component of the systemic charity in those areas where OMK operates its facilities. Social programs promote our facilities' sustainability and a comfortable urban environment. The competition is unique insofar as it takes the opinion of the local communities into consideration by communicating with the various stakeholders. It has an absolutely transparent mechanism of allocating donor contributions as well as complete openness to the media. We are thankful to the panel of judges of Corporate Responsibility Leadership for such high grades for OMK's accomplishments in the area of social responsibility that is of importance to the company", noted OMK Governance Board Chair Natalya Eremina.


OMK has been holding the OMK Partnership competition for social and charity projects in its facilities' areas of operations since 2015. During that time, 306 projects were implemented, including 184 initiatives from non-profits, central and local government institutions and 122 from volunteers. The amount given in grants over a 4-year period was 42,500,000 rubles. Another 56,000,000 rubles were raised by the competition's winner from various sources. An assessment of the social and economic impact of the projects demonstrated that for every ruble invested by OMK the value of the social benefits obtained was in excess of three rubles.

The objective of the Corporate Responsibility Leadership project is to identify the best corporate charity programs and to disseminate information to attract the attention of the public at large, the business community, the government, and the media to corporate charity in Russia. The project includes two parts: a study of corporate charity resulting in a company rating and a competition of charity programs held annually by the project's partners.