OMK Steel Spectrum
supplies metal products to the industrial, construction, and other sectors of regional markets for pipe products, flat, and long rolled metal products
Provided in rolls and sheets for the manufacture of small- and medium- diameter pipes, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, and construction.
30 – 1750 mm width
1 – 12.7 mm thickness
1.3 million tonnes maximum capacity
Water, gas, and general purpose pipes
For water and gas pipelines, heating systems, construction, and agriculture.
12 – 133 mm pipe diameter
0.8 – 6 mm pipe thickness
300,000 tonnes maximum capacity
Coated water-gas and oil-and-gas pipes
The oil and gas industry, water supply and heating, construction, and agriculture.
21.3 – 219 mm pipe diameter
1.5 – 8 mm pipe thickness
6 – 12 mm pipe length
300,000 tonnes maximum capacity
For construction, mechanical engineering, furniture production, and other industries.
15 – 300 mm diameter
0.8 – 6 mm pipe thickness
30x15 mm flat-oval pipes with a pipe thickness of 1.2 mm. Small-section profile pipes with a wall thickness of 0.8, 1, and 1.2 mm manufactured from cold-rolled steel. Used in mechanical engineering, tractor manufacture, construction, furniture production, and other industries.
15х15 – 180х180 pipe section
0.8 – 6 mm pipe thickness
OMK consists of six metallurgical and machine-building enterprises, as well as the OMK Steel Way network of rail wagon repair companies.
One of the Volga region’s largest manufacturers of arc-welded steel pipes with a high-quality outer coating. It specialises in the production of small- and medium-diameter pipes. Part of the OMK group since 2002.
35 Industrialnaya St., Almetyevsk, 423450, Republic of Tatarstan
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OMK SRM Procurement System
OMK has implemented an SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) system, ensuring open and fair procurement procedures.
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