Pipeline fittings
32 MPa maximum pressure
30,000 tonnes annual capacity
1,000 sizes
*Check the exact dimensions in our catalogue **Design capacities may vary depending on the product range and other factors
OMK includes one of the largest enterprises in Russia in terms of its range of pipeline fittings. We produce over 1,000 standard sizes of products – bends, transitions, tees, plugs, bases, adapter rings, pipeline units, supports, and other equipment.
Pipelines are not usually laid in a straight line, due to the relief of the natural landscape, as well as the need for subsidiary branches.

Nodes, bends, tees and other connecting parts are used to create bends in the pipes and to change their diameter during the construction of main pipelines, distribution and pumping stations, oil and gas processing facilities, and nuclear and thermal power plants.
Gas pipeline construction
Equipment for compressor stations
Oil well construction
OMK pipeline fittings are made from carbon and low-alloy steels. The company is a key supplier for the construction of oil and gas service lines , as well as main pipelines.
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