Hot-rolled sheet steel and thick sheet steel
We produce hot-rolled flat steel products in coils, sheets, and strips. OMK's own enterprise provides the company with raw materials for the production of pipe products.
The production technology is based on high-temperature thermomechanical processing with accelerated cooling.
Pipe production
OMK is one of Russia’s leading manufacturers of bimetallic sheets. We produce rolled products for the petrochemical industry. In future, we plan to manufacture products for nuclear engineering and shipbuilding.
The OMK casting and rolling complex at the Vyksa Steel Works is the only plant in Russia that combines efficiency with unique technologies. The technology in the design of the rolling mill, makes it possible to produce rolled products from the most complex and high-strength steel grades.

We have fully localised the production of bimetallic thick-rolled products, from the assembly of packages to the finishing of complete sheet metal. We also undertake a wide range of mechanical, technological, and R&D testing.
of hot-rolled
sheet steel
The Casting and Rolling Complex produces rolled products and 200 different standard sizes of strip and sheet steel from more than 50 steel grades.
We also produce wide steel sheets. A key feature of the modern MKS-5000 complex is a special two-section system for the spraying and accelerated controlled cooling of metal in a stream. This enables the properties and microstructure along the entire length and width of the sheet to remain uniform.
OMK manufactures wide steel sheets at its Mill-5000 (MKS-5000) metallurgical complex, the newest wide-format mill of its kind in Russia.
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