Automotive springs
OMK springs are used in commercial vehicles produced by Russian automotive manufacturers.
90,000 tonnes annual capacity
4 000 components
>300 egional sales centres
*Check the exact dimensions in our catalogue **Design capacities may vary depending on the product range and other factors
We produce sheet metal, pneumatic support levers, and 4,000 components for Russian and foreign-made vehicles.
OMK produces springs with modern and reliable designs, including parabolic springs and levers for pneumatic mountings.

Our brand has earned an enviable reputation among automotive manufacturers and spare parts dealers.
Automotive springs
We produce springs, sheet metal, and pneumatic support levers for Russian and foreign-made vehicles. The Engineering and Technology Centre prepares dozens of new types of springs for production every year.
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8 (800) 200-8000 Toll free number for calls within Russia
+7 (495) 231-7771 For Russia and the rest of the world
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