OMK and Rosatom: Joint Projects in the Works

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) and the Rosatom Government Corporation have entered into an agreement to undertake joint projects, to develop and introduce import substitution equipment and technology. The signing ceremony was held at the 9th Atomexpo-2017 International Forum in Moscow.

OMK Board Chair Anatoly Sedykh and Rosatom General Manager Alexey Likhachev put their signatures to the document. The signing of the agreement came at the end of a round of negotiations that had been started at the 4-th NDexpo 2017 International Forum on high technologies for sustainable development held in Moscow in March 2017.  

The companies are contemplating a research and development collaboration program and an expansion of such collaboration along several lines. These include developing new grades of steel, some with special cold and corrosion resistance properties to be used for Arctic applications among other things, pipeline valves to replace imports, pipeline assemblies for the energy industry, developing and using materials for wind power generation, projects in shipbuilding, engineering for the power generation industry as well as the use of energy accumulation and storage systems.

“In the present day, openness and transparency principles help achieve a very important thing, an effective and timely outcome. Efficiency should be in evidence at every stage for projects to be implemented successfully: from the development of the source materials to an assessment of life cycle operation. This agreement signed with the United Metallurgical Company is based on our companies having similar approaches to business development, and we expect it to produce some synergies in doing projects in the oil and gas industry, the energy sector, and promising projects in other areas”, said Rosatom Government Corporation General Manager Alexey Likhachev.

“The signing of this agreement is a hefty contribution to developing our companies’ partnership. A joint research and development collaboration program will enable us to be more efficient when developing, learning to produce, and rolling out new products based on future requirements from engineering for the energy sector and the energy sector itself as well as based on our long-term plans”, commented OMK Board Chair Anatoly Sedykh.