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Vyksa Steel Works is the largest domestic manufacturer of steel welded pipes and railway wheels. It has been a part of OMK since 1999. Over 12,000 employees work at the factory.

Vyksa Steel Works manufactures a wide range of pipe products for building oil, gas, water pipelines, heating systems, and for construction and other industries.

Pipes produced at VSW are used in wide-scale projects implemented by Gazprom, Transneft, Lukoil and other leading corporations. The factory is a supplier for all strategic main oil and gas pipelines including Nord Stream, Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean, Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok, Bovanenkovo – Ukhta, and others.

Russian Railways is the key consumer of products manufactured at Europe’s biggest VSW wheel-rolling facility.

The import replacement strategy was chosen as the key development direction for VSW and OMK 15 years ago. This is illustrated by the volumes invested in production development. We have fully re-equipped the pipe production facilities at Vyksa Steel Works and have created the world’s best mill; we are rolling out pipe sheets, and we have a casting and rolling complex, which is unique for Russia.

It all started in 2002 when OMK and our strategic partner, Gazprom, signed an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation. It enabled us to be guided by Gazprom’s long-term requirements for the planning of our further development.

Owing to this fact and to OMK’s 2 billion dollar investments, Russia’s first complex that manufactures pipes with diameters up to 1420 mm was built in Vyksa along with Heavy Plate Mill 5000. As a result, VSW has the world’s most advanced complex with a capacity of 2 million tons of LDPs per year.

Working together with our Russian partners, we have created the country’s most technologically integrated production chain for large diameter pipes: ore – steel – rolled steel – pipe – coating. This enables us to fulfill LDP orders of any complexity (i.e. be an equal competitor to Japanese and European companies). Also, we are the world leader in equipping offshore pipelines.

Today, Russian pipe-makers lead in international pipeline projects. In particular, an all-time major gas pipeline “Power of Siberia,” which delivers gas to China, is fully domestically supplied with steel, rolled steel, and pipes. Last year, we delivered the first 30,000-ton pipe batch for “Power of Siberia.” This March, based on the results of a tender, OMK got the right to deliver pipes worth 16.6 billion rubles, which accounts for 24% of the entire volume put up for the tender and represents its biggest share (the total volume of the purchase amounts to almost 68 billion rubles).

OMK has delivered pipes for the following major Russian and international projects: Nord Stream, Baltic Pipeline System, Northern European Gas Pipeline, Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok, Dzhubga – Lazarevskoye – Sochi, Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean, South Stream, Southern Corridor, and others.

The factory was founded in 1757. Vyksa Steel Works is the major employer of the town of Vyksa (in the Nizhny Novgorod region) and provides employment to over 40% of Vyksa residents. It is the second biggest taxpayer in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Owing to VSW, Vyksa is a cut above the rest of major towns in terms of hospital and polyclinic capacity, and the number of cultural and leisure facilities. Vyksa promotes such sports as football, basketball, sambo, judo, and other martial arts. The share of the population engaged in sports activities is growing every year.

VSW and OMK implement a range of charitable and educational projects in the town.

Unique industrial architecture and technical design sites, built at the end of the 19th century by Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov, are still intact on the factory’s territory. They include the only surviving workshop with the world’s first doubly curved gridshell ceilings and one of world’s first hyperboloid constructions, a steel lattice tower (the prototype of the famous Shabolovskaya TV tower in Moscow).

Year founded: 1757
Annual capacity of producing large diameter pipes: 2 million tons
Annual capacity of producing railway wheels: 850,000 items

Vyksa Steel Works,
Address: 45, Br. Batashev str., Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, 607060

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