Social and charity projects

OMK’s external social activity is aimed at supporting the company’s strategy by creating a fa-vorable social atmosphere and long-term investments in local communities in the regions where it maintains a presence.


We strive to develop the mechanisms for a multi-lateral cooperation, respecting the humanitarian principles of corporate charity. Owing to this effort, OMK addresses specific social issues in the regions and builds up its business and social potential.

In 2014, OMK supported around 80 social and charitable efforts, projects and programs to im-plement creative and educational initiatives, to support children, young people and the elderly, and promoting professional and amateur sports in the regions where the company maintains a presence.

The main directions of the company’s charity and external social programs are as follows:

• Supporting mass sports and high achievement sports;
• Supporting educational programs;
• Supporting cultural events;
• Helping children’s institutions and vulnerable layers of the population;
• Helping spiritual and religious organizations;
• Promoting the patriotic upbringing of young people, helping war veterans.