We work in several directions in our regions

We single out the following priorities for developing the regions:

  • Creating and maintaining economic development;
  • Actively ensuring the stability of the labor market;
  • Implementing social, cultural, education, and ecological projects meeting the needs of the specific regions;
  • Establishing relations with regional partners.


Social and charity projects

OMK’s external social activity is aimed at supporting the company’s strategy by creating a fa-vorable social atmosphere and long-term investments in local communities in the regions where it maintains a presence.

We strive to develop the mechanisms for a multi-lateral cooperation, respecting the humanitarian principles of corporate charity. Owing to this effort, OMK addresses specific social issues in the regions and builds up its business and social potential.

In 2014, OMK supported around 80 social and charitable efforts, projects and programs to im-plement creative and educational initiatives, to support children, young people and the elderly, and promoting professional and amateur sports in the regions where the company maintains a presence.

The main directions of the company’s charity and external social programs are as follows:

  • Supporting mass sports and high achievement sports;
  • Supporting educational programs;
  • Supporting cultural events;
  • Helping children’s institutions and vulnerable layers of the population;
  • Helping spiritual and religious organizations;
  • Promoting the patriotic upbringing of young people, helping war veterans.

OMK channeled 379 million rubles for implementing social and charity projects in 2014.


Assessing the efficiency of the supported projects is the cornerstone of our work. Having ana-lyzed OMK’s social investments made between 2011-2014, we have decided to move away from traditional charity instruments based on helping specific persons and patronage to social partnership, systemized charity that involves local communities and OMK staff in implementing projects on the territories where the company maintains a presence.

That is why we have launched OMK-Partnership, a competition of social and charity projects, in 2015.

At the end of May of 2015, we tallied the results of the first OMK-Partnership competition of charity and social projects. A total of 256 applications were made including 107 projects submit-ted by the staff and 149 projects coming from the organizations. Expert panels were set up at all production facilities to assess the applications. We supported 41 projects initiated by the staff and 60 projects suggested by the organizations.

Learn more about the competition here.


The OMK-Uchastie (Participation) Charity Fund is a non-profit organization set up at the initiative of OMK’s shareholders and employees. The main aim of the Fund’s operation is to provide specific assis-tance to families that have found themselves in difficult life situations, and to implement social projects in the regions where OMK maintains a presence.

In 2014, the Fund provided 3 million rubles to support 36 families.


Corporate volunteering is of great importance to OMK. Owing to volunteering initiatives, we bring business skills to non-profit organizations and the population. Volunteering facilitates the creation and promotion of long-term partnership mechanisms with non-profit organizations and municipal entities, the improvement of the quality of life of the local communities, and the solving of social issues in the regions where the company maintains a presence.


Corporate volunteering is a great opportunity for self-expression, getting public acclaim, and learning new useful skills. Participating in volunteering, we communicate with our colleagues, strengthen team spirit, welcome newcomers, and express our civil views.

In 2014, OMK drafted and approved a program for developing corporate volunteering which aims at supporting socially vulnerable groups of population, promoting best volunteer practices, increasing the number of volunteers and involving partners, clients, and citizens in implementing charity projects.

OMK has held volunteer events at all OMK factories throughout the year to plant new forests, landscape territories, help the elderly, veterans, and the socially vulnerable layers of the population; it has also held quarterly donor events.