Assessing the efficiency of the supported projects is the cornerstone of our work. Having analyzed OMK’s social investments made between 2011-2014, we have decided to move away from traditional charity instruments based on helping specific persons and patronage to social partnership, systemized charity that involves local communities and OMK staff in implementing projects on the territories where the company maintains a presence. That is why we have launched OMK-Partnership, a competition of social and charity projects, in 2015.


The main principle of the OMK-Partnership competition is forging a partnership between the authorities, business communities, and society to solve the regions’ social problems.

OMK staff, non-profit organizations, and state and municipal organizations are welcome to take part in the competition in the regions where the company maintains a presence.

OMK-Partnership in 2016

We tallied the results of the Second OMK-Partnership charitable and social projects competition. A total of 256 applications were registered, including 76 projects from OMK staff and 180 projects from non-profit organizations in all of the regions where the company maintains a presence. Based on the decision, which was made by the competition’s panel of experts, 59 projects have received financial assistance, including 35 projects initiated by organizations and 24 projects suggested by the staff. OMK will channel 9.3 million rubles into their implementation in 2016.


OMK-Partnership in 2015

We tallied the results of the project’s first stage at the end of May 2015. We received 256 applications, including 107 projects initiated by staff and 149 projects generated by organizations. Expert committees were formed at all production facilities to assess the applications. We supported 41 projects proposed by our staff and 60 projects proposed by organizations.