OMK's key principles of corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral part of OMK’s strategy. We aim to create and forge long-term relations with society and to communicate freely with all interested parties.


By interested parties we mean:

  • State: regional legislative and executive bodies, local self-government bodies, tax in-spections, municipal unitary companies, budget-funded organizations, and federal struc-tures;
  • Personnel: managers, specialists, white-collar and blue-collar workers, trade union organizations;
  • Business Partners and Clients: consumers of our products, suppliers, competitors, other entities;
  • Local Communities: population in the regions where the company maintains a pres-ence, non-governmental organizations and associations, non-profit partnerships;
  • Media.

Management system

Every day, we strive to live up to the best international practices and standards. OMK is fulfilling its civil and social obligations by paying taxes and by continuously improving the social activities at its factories. Social and economic development, environment protection and labor safety is-sues are integrated into the business processes at all management levels.

OMK abides by the following social responsibility principles:

  • Observing the law and fulfilling the obligations the Company has undertaken;
  • Respecting interested parties;
  • Analyzing performance;
  • Being accountable and transparent;
  • Being proactive and flexible;
  • Striving for continuous improvement;
  • Focusing on the best Russian and global experience;
  • Showing ethical behavior.


We make an effort to ensure that working at OMK helps the company’s employees use their potential and capabilities to the fullest. The Company’s active development makes professional and career growth real. To sustain a mutually beneficial partnership and to comply with labor rights, we are active in supporting and developing communications with our staff and their representatives.

Labour safety

The lives and health of our employees are the top priority of United Metallurgical Company. We create a safe and comfortable environment for every employee.
The continuous development of the labor protection and industrial safety system enables us to attain a high level of safety at our factories and to ensure their stable and reliable operation.

Personnel and Safety

The company makes an effort to involve staff in safety management processes at their workplaces. The labor safety committee is formed at OMK’s managing company level and is an advisory body reporting to the company’s president. The committee’s operation facilitates the distribution of information and keeps the personnel motivated in ensuring and controlling workplace safety. Acknowledged, planned, and widespread participation in the safety committees is an effective means to reach the company’s goals in the fields of environmental and health protection, and industrial safety.

Health Management

In 2014, the company embarked on developing the concept titled “Managing the Health of Personnel Employed at OMK Companies,” which includes staff involvement in managing their own health though prevention programs, informational campaigns, developing disease prevention skills, and improving quality of life.

Contractor Relations

In order to improve the management system in the fields of labor protection, and industrial and environmental safety, OMK is actively communicating with its contractors on labor and industrial safety at its factories.

We have developed a special form, a contract annex titled “Requirements for Following the Legislation on Labor Safety, Industrial and Fire Safety, and Environmental Protection.” By signing it, a contractor undertakes to follow OMK’s processes, guidelines and rules on labor safety, industrial, ecological, and economic safety to rule out or minimize any possible damage to the environment, the health of OMK staff, its visitors and third parties.

Human rights

OMK realizes the utmost importance of observing human rights. We are responsible for acting with due diligence to uncover, prevent, and take measures against any real or potential violation of human rights.

We pay special attention to banning child labor or forced labor and any kinds of discrimination. We respect personnel’s right to form associations and other organizations to represent their in-terests and communicate with the employer.

Consumer relations

We manufacture safe and reliable products, and guarantee their compliance with Russian and world standards. In its consumer relations, OMK keeps in line with the principles of health protection and safety, offering consumers open access to objective information for taking balanced management decisions, and protecting them from fraudulent or misleading advertising or marking.