Environmental and labour safety

OMK gives top priority to measures aimed at minimizing the negative impact of its operation on the environment. Improving the lives and health of the local population, as well as supporting a favorable environment and friendly relations with them, are OMK’s highest values, determining the principles of its responsible business conduct.


OMK abides by the following principles in protecting the environment:

  • Complying with legislative and other requirements regulating the environmental protection activities;
  • Preventing accidents, continuously lowering the negative impact on the environment;
  • Using natural and power resources in a rational manner;
  • Raising our personnel’s awareness and responsibility in terms of environmental protection;
  • Following requirements and continuously improving the integrated management system to comply with the ISO 14001 international standard.

In line with the precaution principle, we create conditions for a safe work environment for per-sonnel and the contractors, and we guarantee the ecological safety of the company’s products. We are introducing new, safer management methods, technologies, and equipment to minimize the impact on the environment. The company invests in environment protection measures, pre-vents accidents, and improves emergency readiness, develops responsible resource usage practices, and takes measures to lessen climate change and increase adaptability to climate changes.