OMK Presents New Unique Product for Gas Sector

In photo (left to right): OMK Board of Directors Chair Anatoly Sedykh, USVP General Manager Dmitri Markov, PAO Gazprom Deputy Board Chair Vitaly Markelov, PAO Gazprom Board Chair Alexey Miller.

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) presented its most recent developments in import substitution at the 8-th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (October 2 to 5, 2018). Innovative ball valves manufactured by the Urals Special Valve Plant (Chelyabinsk) are designed for the production, transportation, and processing of gas as well as for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector.

In particular, USVP manufactured and presented at the forum a pilot rising stem ball valve DN300 PN100 with a metal-to-metal seal. This type of equipment currently being supplied to PAO Gazprom primarily by foreign manufacturers is designed for the processing of natural gas at high temperatures (up to +345˚C). The special rising-stem design assures high wear resistance and enables the use of the equipment in high state change frequency applications.

The USVP booth also presented three other types of import substitution products for the gas sector. Ball Valve DN300 PN250 with a polymer seal is designed for high fluid pressure applications (up to 25 MPa). Ball Valve DN200 PN150 with a metal-to-metal seal is designed for fluids with a high particulate content. Ball Valve DN100 PN150 with a polymer seal is designed for cryogenic service (down to -196˚С) at gas liquefaction facilities.

In the Forum's second day, the USVP booth was visited by PAO Gazprom Board Chair Alexey Miller and Deputy Board Chair Vitaly Markelov. OMK Board of Directors Chair Anatoly Sedykh and USVP General Manager Dmitri Markov introduced Gazprom executives to the most recent advancements in special service valves.

“The St. Petersburg Gas Forum is a key event to discuss matters of interest for the sector, to meet partners, and to show off innovations. For several years now, we have been expanding into the promising area of valves and have been presenting advancements every year. Our facility is not just any import substitution project. USVP is an advanced domestic facility capable of offering its customers solutions of any level of complexity. USVP is striving to become a reliable partner for PAO Gazprom and is expanding its production capabilities with special emphasis on customer needs and global industry standards”, noted OMK Chief Commercial Officer Eduard Stepantsov.


The ball valves presented by OMK at the Forum had been developed by engineers with the Ural Special Valve Plant (OOO USVP, Chelyabinsk, an OMK subsidiary). The USVP project is being undertaken as part of the PAO Gazprom roadmap to substitute for the imports of critical sophisticated equipment. 

A specification has been approved by PAO Gazprom. OOO USVP has been added to the central supplier registry. Product is being manufactured per the customer requirements. Specifications are in full compliance with Gazprom STO 2-4.1-212-2008 (General Requirements Specification for Pipeline Valving) as well as the new Gazprom STO 2-4.1-1108-2017 (Special-Purpose Ball Valves) as well as global and domestic best practices.

These special ball valves are projected to be useful for such future projects as Sakhalin-LNG, Portovaya-LNG, the Amur Gas Processing Plant, and others. The objective of the project is to make fully domestic the manufacture of special-service ball valves to be used in the gas sector in critical gas production, transportation, processing, and storage applications. The unparalleled manufacturing facility will bring under the same roof all the process steps from forging to end product.