OMK Volunteers Donate Time for Environmental “Subbotnik” at Korney Chukovsky’s Memorial House

Personnel from the United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) HQ donated time towards an environmental “subbotnik” (initially, a volunteer event held on a Saturday - hence, the name, “subbota” is Russian for Saturday - where people donated time to do useful works. Translator's Note) at the Korney Chukovsky Memorial House in Peredelkino just outside Moscow. The event involved 25 people.

The project was spearheaded by Investment and New Projects Directorate Manager Kirill Kozlov that won a nomination in the annual OMK Partnership contest of new social and charity initiatives with his environmental initiative.

“My project, called OMK Environment, helps not only benefit the environment but also get in touch with history, find out new things, and highlight the need to safeguard the cultural heritage. The Korney Chukovsky Memorial House has always gladly welcomed many people, especially during the summer tour season. But the museum team needed help keeping this legendary cultural site clean and orderly. Our volunteers cleared away some fallen trees, repaired and painted flowerbed fences on the museum grounds, and helped with giving the building a new coat of paint”, related project initiator Kirill Kozlov.

“I believe our involvement in the project to have been very beneficial. This sort of event helps instill environmental and cultural values. I hope this becomes a regular thing and that my co-workers will get many more opportunities to volunteer as part of a large and closely knit team”, said event participant and OMK Production Safety Director Mikhail Kozlov.

The subbotnik attracted the attention not only of AO OMK employees themselves but also their family members and friends. After the volunteer event concluded, museum staff took their guests on a tour. The volunteers were able to immerse themselves in the extraordinary atmosphere of a creative studio belonging to a children’s writer and a talented translator, look at the museum exhibits, some repatriated from abroad and some made by the owner himself.

“OMK is very serious about developing a corporate volunteer movement. A volunteer event is an excellent opportunity to get to know a person in an informal setting, get your friends and family members, and other people that simply care involved in a socially useful activity”, noted OMK Director for Government Liaison and Corporate Social Responsibility Andrey Shakhnovich after the subbotnik ended.