OMK Publishes 2017 Annual Report

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) has published its 2017 annual report. The document includes OMK's financial and manufacturing results, the corporate management structure, principal components of the corporate strategy and a description of its sustainable development policy. The report was approved by the Company's Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The report provides information on its social and environmental performance per the requirements of the GRI Standard. For convenience, the GRI indicators are provided in an aggregate table. The report contains a table illustrating the Company's alignment with the UN sustainable development goals.

The 2017 OMK annual report is available to view or download in PDF format at the company's official website.

"In the new report, we have disclosed information regarding our business and the Company's corporate social responsibility activities in 2017.  For the convenience of users, the report uses interactive navigation and hyperlinks to additional information as a new tool. Also, this is the first time that the report was audited by the internal audit function", noted OMK Director for Corporate Communications Andrey Kocherov. This is the first time Trubodetal has been nominated for the Top Shape award. Previously, the facility's corporate environmental programs were recognized in the Changing the World competition of the Chelyabinsk Regional Legislative Assembly (2016) and the national competition for highly socially responsible mining and metal making entities.