OMK Holds 15thAward Ceremony for Employees of the Year

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) held its 15th ceremony distributing prizes and awards from the Ivan and Andrey Batashev Foundation to its employees of the year.

The ceremony was held on April 12, 2918 in the Town of Vyksa, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, and coincided with Cosmonautics Day. The ceremony was attended by Nizhniy Novgorod Regional Acting Deputy Governor, First Deputy Prime Minister Evgeny Liulin, MISiS National University of Engineering and Technology Rector Alevtina Chernikova, film director Yuri Kara, actors with the Moscow Gubernsky Theater Ilya Malakov and Galina Bokashevskaya, Director of the Historical Estate Owner Association Vissarion Alyavdin, and others. Cosmonaut, Hero of the USSR and Russia, Roscosmos Executive Director for Manned Space Flight Sergei Krikalev sent a recorded video greeting to the guests at the ceremony.

In 2018, OMK facilities nominated 53 individuals and 7 work teams for the Batashev Prize. As a result of selection by a panel of experts comprised of the Company's board members and facility directors, finalists were presented at the ceremony and winners were named in 11 categories.

The highest Batashev honor (First Prize and Gold Medal) went to Vyksa Steel Works (AO VSW, and OMK company) Managing Director Alexander Barykov for outstanding accomplishments in developing the production system. This year, the Second Prize and Silver Medal were awarded to OMK Production and Engineering Expert Assessment Function Manager Sergey Nefedov for contributing to the development of a goal-setting system and improving production efficiency and OMK Sales Strategy Director Vadim Sakharniuk for improving product supply chain management efficiency.

“I would like to offer my congratulations to you on our most important corporate event, the Ivan and Andrey Batashev Foundation award ceremony. Over the 15 years, we have greeted over 600 prize winners and nominees with applause while the expert panel has reviewed over 2,000 candidates. Just imagine how many worthy professionals are working for this company! I am very proud of our accomplishments and would like to thank each and every one of you. And I would like to offer special thanks to our guests of honor that make our ceremony such a solemn event”, noted Chair of the OMK Board of Directors Anatoly Sedykh during the award finals.


The Ivan and Andrey Batashev Foundation Prize has existed since 2004. Prizes are presented to OMK's employees and managers of the year by celebrities which makes the ceremony especially solemn. Distributing prizes to the Company’s best employees helps properly reward the OMK team for professional accomplishments, improves team motivation and engagement, and develops the corporate culture which, in turn, helps make OMK a more effective manufacturing company.

Batashev Brothers: Andrey (1724 - 1799) and Ivan (1732-1821) were major steel manufacturers, founders and owners of a dozen plants, founders of Vyksa Steel Works (1757), and a number of other industrial facilities. They were famous for their cast iron and were purveyors of weapons for the Admiralty Collegium.