OMK Participates in Opening of Show to Celebrate Emperor Alexander II's 200th Birthday

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) participated in the opening of the exhibit "Alexander II the Liberator. 200th Birthday" at the National History Museum in Moscow. 

The large-scale exhibit dedicated to the 200-th birthday of Alexander II launches today, April 4, 2018 and will remain open till October 15, 2018. This is the first project having to do with the Emperor not only at the History Museum but in Russia in general. The exhibits presents Alexander II's accomplishments and shows what he was like as a leader. OMK has partnered up with the exhibit.

The opening ceremony was held on April 3 at the museum exhibition facility in Revolution Square. It was attended by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service and Chair of the Russian Historical Society Sergey Naryshkin, Russia’s First Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov, Director of the National History Museum Alexey Levykin, Advisor to the United Metallurgical Company Governance Board Chair Alexander Kastravets, representatives of the Government, businesses, the research, cultural, and museum communities.

“This exhibit is evidence of Alexander II's contribution to the development and strengthening of this nation. The 25 years of his rule helped Russia make strong advances in almost all areas of Government, the economy, and social life. Alexander II left behind an advanced international powerhouse that could not be ignored”, noted Sergey Naryshkin.

“Alexander II's reign is a time of great industrial expansion: new plants are built and new technologies mastered. Support for this exhibit and long-standing collaboration with the National History Museum is a conscious choice for OMK. We are actively involved in educational activities, publish books and encyclopedias, hold festivals, invest into the preservation of historical monuments, hold social competitions and charity events. We would like young people coming to work at our facilities to know the history of their nation and to think about Russia with love and respect”, noted Alexander Kastravets speaking at the ceremony.


April 17, 2018 will mark 200 years since the birth of Emperor Alexander II (1818-1881). He made the national history books as an outstanding reformer that initiated a whole series of drastic changes in all areas of the country's public life, the most important of which was the abolition of serfdom. In addition to domestic reform, Alexander II's reign was marked by successful foreign policy, victorious wars, and major territorial acquisitions.

The exhibit will be about the principal events of the Emperor's reign and his reform. It includes archival documents about the events of Alexander II's life and a significant body of material having to do with the era of his reign. The project also involved leading museums and archives from Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as private collectors. The exhibit is the first in a series of projects related to the upcoming 150th anniversary of the National History Museum given that it was Alexander II that signed the decree that brought it into being. 

OMK acts as the parent company for three of the oldest steel mills, including two (in Vyksa and Blagoveshchensk) that experienced growth as a result of Alexander's reform and the abolition of serfdom while the Chusovoy Metal Works was founded during that era. The plants owners, the Dashkov, the Golitsyn, and the Batashev-Shepelev families, and others that developed Russia's metal industry in the 18th and the 19th centuries, are closely linked with Russian history and intertwined with the Romanovs.

Earlier in 2017, the United Metallurgical Company acted as financial partner for another significant exhibit mounted by the National History Museum: "The Energy of a Dream: 100 Years After the Great Russian Revolution".