OMK Announces Corporate Outcomes of Moscow’s Metal Week

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) participated in the Metal Week in Moscow. And won nine awards in different categories. This is record performance for OMK in all the years participating in this most import metal industry event of the year.

On November 13, the business program opened with the 20th International Conference on the Russian Metal Market. Between November 14 and 16, Moscow hosted the 23d International MetalExpo 2017 Industrial Fair. OMK's corporate booth was used by the Company’s and the facilities’ business arms to hold negotiations with partners and meet customers. The Company booth was decorated in a manner that is different from the customary design of industrial companies’ exhibition platforms. It was styled as a library for OMK’s anniversary year, the year of intelligent metallurgy. Guests at the booth noted that they were pleasantly surprised by this design and reminded that their successes were primarily due to knowledge. The OMK booth was given an award for best presentation.

On November 14, a book entitled the Iron Logic of Russia was also presented at the booth. It is a book about the history of this nation and the national metal industry published by OMK for the 260th anniversary of Vyksa Steel Works. Visitors at the fair could also view the electronic copy of a six-volume encyclopedia called Metal Industry Over Time, a unique publishing project by OMK and the MISiS National University of Engineering and Technology.

OMK participated in most competitions held at MetalExpo 2017 and was rewarded with prizes. Thus, OMK and Vyksa Steel Works (AO VSW, Nizhniy Novgorod Region) were awarded a gold medal for developing and acquiring the manufacturing capability for innovative low-stress wheels from T-grade steel for freight cars with an axial load of 23.5 tons-force. VSW was awarded a silver medal for developing and acquiring the capability to manufacture K55-grade steel coiled stock and electrically welded casing of diameters 140 to 245 mm.
OMK was also recognized with a gold MetalExpo medal for preparing and publishing the Iron Logic of Russia.

The OMK Team corporate magazine won first place in the competition for the best corporate media in the metal sector in the category for pipe maker holding companies. The competition's judges appreciated the upgraded format and the quality of the corporate publication. Company representatives shared their experience in this area at the conference for corporate media in Russia's and the CIS’ metal industry.

The corporate OMK video entitled the Value of Metal was awarded a Grand Prix in the MetalVision 2017 competition for the best video as well as the highest recognition in the Best Editing and the Best Director categories. The Iron Chronicle of Russia documentary was named Video of the Year having been filmed for the Company's 25th anniversary with the participation of Leonid Parfenov.

“The MetalExpo show became a real celebration, a good annual tradition for metallurgists. And every time, the fair format improves, and there are more participants and interesting discussions. This means that the industry is making progress, and companies have things to show. This is very encouraging”, noted OMK President Vladimir Markin during the official opening ceremony.


Metal Expo 2017 is one of the biggest industry shows in Russia and the CIS. This year, it included over 550 metal industry leaders (both manufacturers and holding companies), equipment and design makers and suppliers, major metal traders from 35 countries.