OMK Shares Unique Corporate Volunteerism Experience

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) showcased its unique experience in promoting corporate volunteerism at the 6th International Forum on Corporate Volunteerism in Business and Society in Moscow. 

Forum delegates discussed the best practices in corporate volunteerism and collaboration between businesses, the Government, and the public. Experiences were shared by representatives of international corporations, charity foundation managers, performers, and media representatives actively involved in volunteer projects.

OMK partnered up with the section on “Corporate Volunteerism as an HR Strategy: a Tool to Improve Engagement or an Additional Burden for HR?” Discussion also included representatives of Nornickel, the Russian Machine Corporation, Johnson&Johnson, Pepsico, and other leaders. In their address, OMK representatives pointed out that the Company both was actively involved in corporate volunteer projects and supported individual employee initiatives. As a result, over half of the Company’s 24,000-strong labor force support and over a third are actively involved in OMK's different social initiatives in various capacities, including involvement as volunteers.

Awards were presented at the forum to participants in the Champions of Good Deeds corporate volunteerism competition. Awards were also given to projects undertaken by OMK volunteers in Vyksa (Nizhniy Novgorod Region).  These are the Big Brother orphaned children aid project and the Respect Internet projects for seniors.

“As far as OMK is concerned, corporate volunteerism is a tool to engage, retain, and develop employees creatively and professionally, to improve employee motivation. Employees’ readiness to get involved in volunteer projects and the implementation of such projects have a positive impact on OMK employee engagement. This promotes improved product quality and operational efficiency at our facilities”, noted OMK Lead for Corporate Social Responsibility Olga Mironova.


On November 27, 2017, Russian Presidential Decree instituted Volunteer Day to be celebrated on December 5. The Decree was adopted pursuant to a resolution of the UN General Assembly of December 17, 1985 which announced this day to be International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development.