Art-Ovrag Recognized Best Youth Tourist Event in Volga and Urals Federal Districts

The Art-Ovrag Urban Culture Festival has been recognized as the best youth tourist event in the Volga and the Urals Federal Districts.

Yesterday, the regional competition for the 2017 National Russian Event Awards reviewed its outcomes in Kazan. The competition received applications from 191 projects from 17 regions. A panel of experts that included both CEOs of independent associations as well as executives from Government agencies responsible for developing the tourist industry selected the best projects in 14 categories. Based on a judgment by the experts in the competition's finals, the Art-Ovrag Festival was named first in the category for the best youth tourist events. The judges especially lauded the event's original concept and large scale as well as the important fact that the festival is not just a cultural event but makes the town more attractive to tourists and opens up new avenues for development by creating permanent works of contemporary art.
Now, the project will be presented in the National Award finals to be held in Lipetsk on October 28 and 29 and will be a contender for the National Event title.

It is interesting to note that there were 9 projects from Nizhniy Novgorod in this year's competition finals which is many more than in previous years.

The Russian Event Awards were founded in 2012 as a series of prizes in event tourism and as a sector prize awarded based on the outcome of an open project competition to recognize advancements in the event tourist industry. Their primary objective is identifying the most interesting and promising projects, promoting them, and generating an interest for such projects on the part of Government agencies and the general public.