OMK Arranges for World Ballet Stars to Tour Vyksa

On October 6 and 7, 2017, the United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) arranged for performances by world-class ballet stars in Vyksa (Nizhniy Novgorod Region) comprising the best classical pieces directed and produced by Russia’s People’s Artist Andris Liepa. Vyksa is home to Vyksa Steel Works (AO VSW), the company's largest facility. The tour is meant to celebrate OMK’s 25-th and VSW’s 260-th anniversaries.

In addition, Vyksa hosted a show of photographs of Andris Liepa by famous Russian-American photographic artist Nina Alovert to celebrate the dancer’s 55-th birthday. It had previously been hosted at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

“The tour by world-class ballet starts concludes a large-scale spiritual and educational program which OMK put together in Vyksa for its anniversary year: it includes both guest performances by the Moscow Gubernsky Theater and the City of Books book festival attended by famous Russian writers”, noted Alexander Kastravets, advisor to the Chair of the OMK Board of Directors.

“I thank OMK for the opportunity to visit Vyksa again. The town’s life is not provincial but rather real and full. We had already collaborated OMK in bringing you the Russian Seasons, Nikolai Tsiskaridze and Ilse Liepa, the Kremlin Ballet, Bolshoi, Mariinka, and Stanislavsky Theater stars. Vyksa was one of the first, alongside St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Venice, to see the current program dedicated to choreographer Marius Petipa”, pointed out Andris Liepa.


Andris Liepa is a brilliant contemporary dancer, a laureate of many international competitions, producer, the author of and the inspiration behind the Russian Seasons of the 21st Century Project, chair of the Maris Liepa Charity Foundation. Andris’ creative reach has long expanded outside of pure ballet: he is a successful musical performance and gala director.

Being also a successful producer, Andris Liepa stages tours, haute couture shows, and presentations, makes and acts in movies, publishes books and photo albums. Andris Liepa is an officer of the Order of the Three Stars (highest Government honor in Latvia) and the S. Diagilev Order 1st Class for Promoting Russian Culture, a member of the Patriarchal Council on Culture.

Marius Petipa (1818-1910) was a French and Russian ballet soloist, choreographer, theatrical personality, and teacher.