OMK Spent Over 60 Million Rubles in 2021 to Improve Working Conditions in Its Railway Car Maintenance and Repair Company

Photo: renovated lunch room at Kaluga depot

In 2021, the United Metallurgical Company (OMK) spent over 60 million rubles to improve the working conditions of its OMK Steel Track railway car repair company employees.

The Comfortable Depot program was launched last year at 33 of the 37 depots. As a first order of business, all amenities, such as showers, changing rooms, restrooms, and lunch rooms, have been remodeled. The most work was done at the depots in Sassovo (Ryazan Region), Sosnogorsk (Republic of Komi), Neftianaya (Saratov), Kurgan (Kurgan Region), Bolotnaya (Novosibirsk Region), and Vikhorevka (Irkutsk Region).

In 2022, the Comfortable Depot Program will be continued and transformed into a larger-scale project to remodel buildings and structures.

“The Car Repair and Maintenance Company merged with OMK at the end of 2019. It is important that all our co-workers have access to equally comfortable and safe working conditions. That is why we have launched the Comfortable Depot Program whose content is self-explanatory. By 2027, we plan to remodel not only the amenities but also the production spaces as well as the office buildings, the individual offices, and the entryways. We will spend over RUB 70 million for these purposes in 2022,” noted Acting OMK Steel Track Managing Director Maxim Gulidov.

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