OMK Invests RUB 50 Million to Build In-House Rinsing and Steaming Units to Clean Tank Cars for Maintenance

The United Metallurgical Company is investing about RUB 50 million to build three rinsing and steaming installations to prepare railway tank cars for maintenance at OMK Steel Track. The installation at the Salsk Depot (Rostov Region) will be commissioned before the end of the year, and the one at the Bolotnaya Depot (Novosibirsk Region) and in Arzamas (Nizhniy Novgorod Region) in 2022. Tank cars are steamed prior to any maintenance (daily, depot-based, and capital) to remove any trace of flammable liquids and reliably to protect from flashing. Currently, this service is performed for OMK Steel Track by contractors.

Future rinsing and steaming installations will use electric and gas steam generators which will noticeably reduce their environmental impact as compared to the steaming processes currently in use. Productivity will also increase with capacity to process up to 10 cars per shift instead of the 3 or 4 being handled now. There is a plan to use the equipment to prepare cars for loading as well. "If a tank car is scheduled to carry diesel fuel or gasoline, for instance, after being used to carry crude, the rolling stock will require preparation at a rinsing and steaming station. Thus, by building our own rinsing and steaming installations, we will be able both to increase the amount of maintenance performed and to offer additional services to our customers. In the future, we are considering several other depots as sites for similar equipment," noted OMK Steel Track Acting Managing Director Maxim Gulidov. OMK Steel Track is one of Russia’s largest network service providers in the freight car maintenance industry. The company includes 37 depots in 26 regions of the country, 12 wheel shops, 3 service and maintenance centers for SKF CTBU repairs, and 3 car maintenance areas.

It has been part of OMK since 2019. Its capacity is over 150,000 cars and 180,000 wheelsets a year. The company employs over 6,000 people.

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