OMK to Deliver Structural Steel for Krasnodar Football Club's Arenas

The United Metallurgical Company will deliver 840 tons of structural steel to construct the larger and the smaller arenas for the Krasnodar FC soccer academy. The steel arches will be made by OMK's Belgorod facility (Belenergomash-BZEM), one of the country's foremost manufacturers of structural steel.

To protect two soccer fields from the elements, the facility will manufacture space frames* that will support a tarp of specialized synthetic material, once assembled. The larger arena will use 8 sectioned arches 67 m in length and 15.6 m in height each, whereas the smaller one will have 6 arches 50 m in length and 12.4 m in height each.

Space frames are made from bent pipe between 108 and 325 mm in diameter. These steel structures are impossible to make without specialized metal cutting and bending equipment. The process equipment available at OMK's Belgorod facility helps perform all the required steps quickly and with a high degree of precision.

Since the fully assembly sections are oversize, they will be delivered to the assembly site in pieces using special road vehicles. Before shipping the structures to the customer, OMK engineers in Belgorod will assemble the two halves of each arch to verify correct fabrication and paint them green applying the Krasnodar Football Club livery. The high precision in the manufacture of the structural steel will subsequently assure that it matches up completely during assembly and installation.

Currently, the first steel structures of the future arenas are being assembled at the construction sites in Krasnodar. Deliveries under this contract will be completed in December.

"Currently, the manufacture of the steel structures and their delivery is in full swing. This project implements complex designs that require a lot of component machining and high fabrication precision. At the end, a unique sports facility will be constructed, and we are very happy that the customer had trust enough in us to give us the order," emphasized Steel Structure Sales Director of OMK's Belgorod facility Roman Dorokhov.


* A space frame is a light structure constructed of linked struts positioned in a geometric pattern. Such frames are used to cover large spans with minimum intermediate support.

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