OMK's Chusovoy Facility Delivers Trial Lots of Springer Automotive Springs for Foreign Makes to Europe

The United Metallurgical Company's facility in Chusovoy (Perm Territory), a leader in the manufacture of automotive springs for trucks of domestic and foreign makes has delivered trial lots of springs bearing the in-house Springer brand for trucks of foreign makes in Europe. These are automotive components for MAN, Scania, Volvo, etc. trucks.

Potential customers for Chusovoy spring products are manufacturers of specialized equipment and local distributors.

Clients from Portugal have had several types of truck spring products shipped to them, Hungary received trailer springs, and Italy received new springs custom developed and manufactured for this order. Another shipment of springs for agricultural trailers is being prepared for transport to Germany.

OMK’s Chusovoy facility has been making Springer-brand spring product for trucks of foreign makes since 2016. The facility uses state-of-the-art equipment, such as robotic rolling mills, special shot-peening and paint finishing processes which increase metal resistance to fatigue and prolong spring life. The product is tested under conditions that are as close as can be to actual operation. The quality management system at OMK's Chusovoy facility meets the stringent requirements of European standards developed by automotive manufacturers from Italy, the US, France, the UK, and Germany.

“The trial lots of springs that we have delivered to our European customers are currently undergoing testing. Based on such customer testing, we will be negotiating bulk deliveries,” commented Managing Director of OMK Chusovoy Facility Azat Imamov.


In the summer of 2021, OMK’s Chusovoy facility began deliveries to the Middle East by shipping a lot of Springer-band springs to the United Arab Emirates. Before the end of the year, the facility is planning to ship over 300 tons of spring products to the UAE.

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