OMK Showcased Import Substitution Products for Offshore Well Construction at SPBIGF

The United Metallurgical Company presented a 762-mm casing conductor with a welded threaded connector at the PAO Gazprom import substitution booth at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

The OMK product is designed for offshore well construction, including wells at offshore oil fields in the Arctic. The threaded connection is designed for high resistance to axial impact loads and is capable of withstanding the driving of a conductor string into the sea bed from an offshore platform. The OMK design has no viable alternatives in Russia, and these products are at least as technically sophisticated as any imports. The additional advantage is that the entire manufacturing cycle is implemented at a single site: OMK's Vyksa facility in Nizhniy Novgorod Region.

“Conductor casing is an in-house design developed by the team of engineers at an OMK Engineering and Technology Center. These tubulars can be installed in unstable offshore rock to define well direction and driven into the seabed to prevent cave-ins of offshore well walls. By using our product, our customers will be able to construct wells under the most complex and demanding weather conditions in the Arctic,” noted OMK Energy Business Unit CEO Vadim Sakharniuk.


OMK also presented an in-house brand of premium threaded connections at SPBIGF. It includes the star-named line of innovative threaded connections sold under the OMK REGUL, OMK ALPHA, OMK POLAR, OMK VEGA, and OMK SIRIUS brands. They are designed for oil and gas wells of complex design and for operation under extreme loads, including offshore oil and gas fields.

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