OMK's Chusovoy Facility to Increase Spring Production for Vehicles of Foreign Makes by Commissioning New Final Painting Chamber

The United Metallurgical Company's Chusovoy facility (Perm Territory), Russia's leading manufacturer of springs for trucks of domestic and foreign makes, has commissioned a painting and drying chamber to apply a finishing coat to SPRINGER springs for vehicles of foreign manufacture.

The new equipment will help fabricate an additional 2,000 tons of painted product a year. The amount invested was RUB 2 million.

Equipment from a domestic manufacturer is characterized by simplicity of control and high capacity.

The chamber is designed to apply paint to springs by pneumatically spraying paint and drying products weighing up to 3.5 tons. Equipment design protects the surfaces to be painted from dust and moisture which assures proper paint application.

"One of the requirements imposed by European automotive manufacturers is the application of a second finishing coat that provides corrosion resistance and increases spring service life. OMK's Chusovoy facility has been using this type of painting chamber since 2016.
The procurement of an additional chamber helps increase SPRINGER brand production for vehicles of foreign makes," commented Managing Director of OMK Chusovoy facility Azat Imamov.


OMK's Chusovoy facility supplies SPRINGER brand products to automotive facilities belonging to VOLVO and FORD, and manufactures truck springs for MERCEDES, MAN, SCANIA, RENAULT, IVECO, BPW, Isuzu, and others.

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