OMK Invests RUB 3,000,000,000 in Upgrades at Its Chelyabinsk Facility to Conquer New Markets

The United Metallurgical Company (OMK) is proceeding with a large-scale production upgrade project with an investment outlay in excess of RUB 3 billion at its Chelyabinsk facility (AO Trubodetal). It helps introduce new technologies, triple the production capacity for pipeline fittings with diameters of between 57 and 1,020 mm, and conquer new markets.

OMK will be able to offer customers new types of pipeline fittings and assemblies from stainless and heat-resistant steels both for the oil and gas, the nuclear, and the heat generation sectors, and other market segments: petrochemical and liquefied natural gas.

The facility upgrades are scheduled to complete by mid-2022. In the course of the project, OMK will install and commission about 150 units of state-of-the art process equipment from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Belarus, China, and Korea at its Chelyabinsk factory.

OMK's facility has already purchased 3 hot working lines (to make bends by drawing over a horn-shaped mandrel). Once this equipment is commissioned, it will reduce the labor intensity of seamless bend manufacture from stainless and low-alloy steels of diameters between 57 and 426 mm by 20% and will help make components without surface scale.

Fundamentally new equipment is also being installed to manufacture bends from stainless steels of diameters of between 133 and 630 mm using cold forming. OMK's Chelyabinsk facility will become Russia's first plant using this technology to make components. This cold forming method will reduce the manufacturing cycle by half and reduce the labor intensity of bend manufacture. It will also enable the facility to select any lot size unlike previous bend making technologies that made small lots uneconomical.

"The production upgrade project at OMK's facility is one of the biggest investment projects in the Chelyabinsk region in recent years. Once the project is complete, OMK Trubodetal will be Russia's only manufacturer that will be able to make the entire range of stainless steel bends of diameters between 57 and 630 mm for nuclear power plants. We will also be able to offer our customers import substitution products, such as fittings in imperial sizes per ASME B 16.9 for LNG facilities, and we collaborate with OMK's Belgorod facility to fabricate various pipeline systems made of assemblies, modules, and suspension and support components," narrated Managing Director of OMK's Chelyabinsk facility Alexander Vashchenko.

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