OMK Spends Over RUB 400,000,000 in R&D in 3 Years

In 2018 through 2020, the United Metallurgical Company (OMK) spent RUB 413,000,000 in research and development (R&D), including RUB 110,000,000 in 2020, all to be able to support current and future customer requirements with simple and mature solutions.

The principal areas the Company has been developing include innovations in energy efficiency, quality control, new manufacturing technologies, and existing facility upgrades. OMK engages in R&D both at its own facilities and in partnership with universities and research institutions. In 2020, the company took out 13 new patents covering its developments. Because of this and thanks to OMK’s merger with its Belgorod facility, the total number of current patents increased to 128, i. e. by 36% as compared to 2019, and includes 8 international ones.

Thus, in 2020, OMK employees developed a pipe making technology from steel of Grade K60 to be used for line pipe and capable of being drop weight tested at -51ºC. This development recognized with a silver medal from Metal Expo-2020 helped make the manufacture of unique pipes for in-field and site lines fully domestic in Russia, including the manufacture of rolled goods. OMK has also implemented an optimized process for color coding couplings. This solution helped improve the legibility of coupling markings and reduce the cost of applying a protective coating.

“OMK includes 2 in-house engineering and technology centers, one in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region and the other in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Their employees both conduct their own R&D and partner with the country’s leading research institutions. We are acquiring capabilities for new product, including capabilities for OMK facilities under construction in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region, improving existing processes and developing new ones. We are also improving the synergies between company facilities. We are implementing reasonable consumption mechanisms to take care of the environment. All of this helps us look towards the future and meet customer requirements with high quality and in a timely manner as well as develop potential for opening up new markets in Russia and elsewhere,” noted OMK Product Development and Marketing Director Alexander Sakhnevich


OMK’s Engineering and Technology Center in Vyksa opened its doors in 2009, and its team undertakes over half its development projects on its own. On others, it collaborates with leading industry research institutions and universities, including the I. P Bardin Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy, the MISiS National Research and Technology University, the N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technology University. The Vyksa Engineering and Technology Center has a portfolio of over 55 patents and original developments.

The OMK Center in Ufa, inaugurated in 2014, specializes in developing hi-tech equipment for integrated oil and gas field construction. Its projects include the next-generation Progress automated city gate station that is unique in Russia and can run in fully automated mode. In conjunction with Rosatom specialists, OMK personnel were able to equip it with an intelligent diagnostic system for individual assemblies and components. Together with the Gazpromneft R&D Center and researchers with the N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technology University, OMK personnel were involved in developing Russia’s first modular associated petroleum gas stripping unit.

In 2020, OMK entered into long-term research collaboration programs with the MISiS National Research and Technology University and the N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technology University jointly to develop and learn new products, to improve existing and develop new technologies, including digital ones.

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