Following Boiler Facility Upgrades, OMK's Belgorod Plant Makes New Types of Boilers and Doubles Output

Using the IDF loan, the Belgorod facility installed equipment to make boilers of a new design for the chemical industry. In particular, the RKS-170 process energy boiler for a sulphuric acid production line that would feed the manufacture of mineral fertilizers. From the customers’ standpoint, these boilers’ primary advantage is their improved reliability, efficiency, compactness, and ease of transportation.

In addition, the facility installed another new line to weld membrane panels. They are internal boiler components used to conserve as much heat as possible which makes the process more efficient.

The facility can now make boilers capable of using three types of fuel : bast furnace*, BOF**, and natural gas. Burning a mix of these gases helps reduce the amount of pollutants being released into the air.

“Thanks to a facility upgrade and IDF support, we can offer customers world-class boiler equipment that we are manufacturing using the most advanced technologies and materials. These are all technically perfect highly effective and efficient original designs. Our entire product line is being manufactured in compliance with Russian Rostechnadzor regulations, the products have usage licenses and compliance certificates,” commented OOO Belenergomash-BZEM Managing Director Alexander Vashchenko.


*Blast furnace gas is a gaseous waste generated as cast iron is being made in blast furnaces. It results from incomplete carbon combustion and other chemical processes.

**Basic oxygen furnace (BOF) gas is a mix of waste gases resulting from cast iron conversion into steel in a basic oxygen steelmaking process.

The Industry Development Foundation (VEB.RF Group) was created to support Russian industry upgrades, to set up new manufacturing facilities, and to look after import substitution. IDF programs help Russian factories gain access to preferential loans required to launch facilities that make original domestic products as well as products similar to the most advanced equivalents made around the world.

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