First Attractions of Future Industrial Tourist Park in Nizhniy Novgorod Region to Open in 2021

Photo: 3D rendering of hotel building in future Batashev Park that is already being constructed

The first attractions of the future industrial tourist Batashev Park in the town of Vyksa, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, will open before the end of 2021. The United Metallurgical Company is the project’s initiator and principal investor. Areas belonging to the future Batashev Park will be opened gradually.

In particular, the embankment of the Upper Vyksa Pond will be expanded (construction began in April). The new premises will house a common recreational are with playgrounds for children and leisure areas for adults. The old fence currently separating the embankment from the historical OMK Vyksa facility’s cast iron shop, which is where most of the new park will be located, will be torn down. This helps make access to the new park more convenient, including access for parents with strollers and disabled visitors.

The embankment is being remodeled with a 90-million ruble grant from the Russian Ministry of Construction and Household Services. Vyksa won the grant by winning the competition of small towns and historical settlements in 2020 as well as thanks to being part of the program for building comfortable urban environments of the Housing and Urban Environment Project. Previously, the first phase of the remodeling of the Vyksa embankment was completed with the previous grant from the Ministry of Construction as well as funding from other treasuries.

The premises of what used to be OMK's cast iron facility will be converted to a history education area with a state-of-the art museum complex and an educational center for children. Following restoration, the items of Vladimir Shukhov’s cultural heritage (water tower and rolling shop dome) will be brought here as well. A new hotel and a coffee shop are also under construction. An active recreation area with a jungle gym, an extreme bicycle track, and a network of walking paths will be built next to the history education park. All the Batashev Park areas will be opened by 2024.

The Batashev Industrial and Tourist Park Project is without precedent in Russia and is designed to become the country's prime industrial heritage conservation center as well as an example of revitalizing a historical industrial area. The project received the support of Rostourism, the Russian Federation Ministry of Construction and Household Services, the Nizhniy Novgorod Regional Government, and the Vyksa Administration.

The concept for the park was developed by such leading Russian studios as WowHaus and KB23 with OMK's financial backing. At various points in the project, the March Lab and Project Team 8 were also involved.


The construction of the Batashev Industrial Tourist Park began in 2020. The Batashev Park will be located in the historical part of Vyksa which is next to the Upper Pond dam, the Batashev-Shepelev estate, and an 18-th century park. In addition to the new park,Vyksa visitors will be able to tour the existing state-of-the-art facilities at OMK's Vyksa plant as part of an industrial tourism program and view contemporary art of the Art-Ovrag Festival.

In 2018 and 2020, Vyksa was named winner of the national competition for the best projects to create a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historical settlements. The first grant was used to improve the center of the town park and a portion of the Upper Vyksa Pond embankment. The second phase of embankment remodeling for the section that will be part of the future Batashev Park will be undertaken using funding from a second grant. Once the construction is complete, the entire embankment will become a single recreational and promenade area for the town’s residents.

The scale of the improvement projects and the maturity of the tourist industry in the municipal district have been affected to a great degree by the fact that the municipality is collaborating with the Monotown Development Foundation. Vyksa has become one of the first single-industry areas to train its management team at Skolkovo and to proceed with the Five Steps to Improvement projects designed to improve the urban environment. Subsequently, this activity continued as part of the federal project to build comfortable urban environments. Vyksa’s projects designed after some training in the programs of the Foundation for Monotown Development and based on the history of collaboration with the Art-Ovrag Festival team were twice named winners of the national competition for the best projects to create comfortable urban environments in small town and historical settlements.

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