OMK Steel Track: New Name for OMK's Railway Car Maintenance and Repair Company

The United Metallurgical Company (OMK) is announcing a name change for its railway car repair and maintenance company. AO Railway Car Maintenance and Repair Company 3 (AO VRK-3) has now been renamed OMK Steel Track (AO OMK Steel Track). The company livery has also changed and has been brought into line with the overall OMK visual identity.

In the 18 months that it has been part of OMK, the railway car maintenance and repair company has doubled its car and wheel repair capacity to over 180,000 wheelsets a year. By acquiring Transvagonmash (OOO TVM), OMK Steel Track added 4 depots and expanded its geographic presence. The Company has opened three repair centers to service compact tapered roller bearing units and three new facilities to perform current car repairs. Ten depots have become certified to repair freight cars running on state-of-the-art trucks.

OMK Steel Track is continuing upgrades at its production sites, procuring advanced equipment, and setting up efficient IT services. The Company is proactively implementing the most advanced practices which helps significantly reduce maintenance time. OMK Steel Track is investing in developing its industrial safety system by creating an environment that is conducive to efficient and safe operations.

“This re-branding is a reflection of the new quality that customer relationship are acquiring and a transformation within the Company itself. OMK Steel Track is focusing on client needs. The priority is rapidly to develop services in the railway car repair and maintenance industry, maintain and keep stable the high quality of such services as well as build an atmosphere of trust with partners”, emphasized OMK Steel Track Managing Director Dmitri Romanov.


Visually, the new OMK Steel Track logo represents upward movement. It sets the railway track dynamic and demonstrates the priorities of the renewed company: rapid expansion of quality services in the railway maintenance and repair industry. The re-branding effort of the railway car maintenance and repair company was a joint effort by OMK and world marketing communication leader BBDO Branding. The corporate image is based on 5 principles: moving forward, foresight, the interests of the individual, healthy perfectionism, and the primacy of rational thought.

OMK Steel Track is one of Russia’s largest network service providers in the freight car repair industry. Its capacity is over 150,000 cars and 180,000 wheelsets a year. The company includes 37 depots, 12 wheel shops, 3 service and maintenance centers for SKF CTBU repairs, and 2 car maintenance areas.

The depots are located in 26 Russian provinces and on 14 federal railways. The company employs over 6,000 people. OMK acquired the railway car maintenance and repair company (previously, VRK-3) in the fall of 2019.

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