OMK to Support Record Number of Projects in OMK-Partnership Competition

The United Metallurgical Company (OMK, Moscow) has reviewed the outcomes of the 7th OMK-Partnership competition of social and charity projects. This year, the Company will support a record 154 projects. Project initiators will be funded to the tune of RUB 250,000 to launch socially significant initiatives.

The competition received a total of 479 applications with 401 initiatives admitted to the competition. Based on an evaluation, the Company will support 154 projects: 74 from volunteers and 80 from non-profits and municipal entrants. The projects are about sports, the environment, assistance to pandemic victims, support for seniors, low-income families, disabled persons, residents of retirement homes and boarding schools. There are initiatives to create art objects, open libraries, hold festivals in small towns and villages. Organizations will receive grants to the tune of up to RUB 250,000 each while individual volunteers will be funded up to RUB 50,000. A record amount (RUB 18.54 million) was earmarked this year for the competition's projects.

In 2021, the expert evaluation was performed in several steps. This is related to the competition's extended geographic presence. It was simultaneously held in 28 regions of the country that host OMK facilities. The expert panel was made of federal experts, representatives of local authorities, regional ministries, resource centers, facilities, OMK Steel Track railway car maintenance depots, and the OMK parent organization. Projects were evaluated, among others, by the Russian Union of Industrials and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) Managing Director for Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, and Social Business Elena Feoktistova, Nizhniy Novgorod Regional Social Innovation Center Director Igor Sedykh, Russian State Social University Social Business Development Center Director Denis Bogatov. The evaluation was performed online under user accounts utilizing the official platform. The launch of the platform made the competition as open and as transparent as possible which is in line with the current corporate social responsibility (CSR) trends.

“As an expert, I am happy to see a company being consistent and successful over many years with its OMK-Partnership competition to support social initiatives in the Russian provinces. The high quality of the projects being submitted to the competition is especially worth noting which is an indication that the competition has a strong recognizable presence and that it is a core of a community of effective non-profits, social business people, and experts. There is no doubt that the OMK-Partnership competition contributes significantly and directly both to the development of small towns in Russia and the growth of a corporate responsibility culture and civil society as a whole”, emphasized RUIE Managing Director for Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, and Social Business Elena Feoktistova.

“All the projects submitted to the competition appeared interesting and important. There are many initiatives related to the environment and designed to conserve unique areas, and educate to create a responsible conscious attitude towards the environment and the natural treasures of our native land. But special attention must be given projects designed to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic, including aid, psychological and physical support for the public. Projects to assist disabled people are also important. It is known that their social adjustment and rehabilitation are an important factor of disabled people becoming integrated in civil society, becoming more independent, mobile, needed, and psychologically stable”, noted Nizhniy Novgorod Regional Social Innovation Center Director Igor Sedykh.

For the third year in a row, the competition has enjoyed the support of OMK Ecometal. It will provide RUB 250,00 in funding for the construction of a playground under the Childhood Rainbow project in the Township of Motmos, Nizhniy Novgorod Region.

Volunteer projects will also be evaluated by the Pochet Charity Foundation that has partnered up with the OMK competition. Some will be granted the Foundation's public relations and financial support.

“The OMK-Partnership competition is expanding rapidly based on society's most urgent needs. This year, we faced new challenges, such as significantly broader geography, revised priorities related to the pandemic, and continued online platform development. It is important that we received positive feedback from the new regions both as to the number and the quality of the projects. The projects are mature and diverse. We are prepared to provide support both financially while they are launching and from the public relations standpoint. We will also assist them in submitting applications to federal competitions and grants. We believe it is important to have the regions hosting OMK facilities develop at a rapid pace while proceeding with socially significant projects and raising additional funds”, noted OMK CSR Lead Olga Mironova.

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